.rod laver
Origin Los Angeles, California
Label(s) Screaming Giant Records (1998-2001)
BEC Recordings (2001-2004)
Uprok Records (2004-????)
Albums 5
Genre(s) Rapcore
Nu Metal
Members Chris Butler
Ryan Farris
Rudy Nielson
Jason Martin
Years active ~1999-~2004

.rod laver (named after the Adidas shoe brand) was a Christian rapcore group, with music similar to Limp Bizkit or Kid Rock.

There is little information as to exactly what year the group formed, or what year they disbanded.


Last Known LineupEdit

  • Chris Butler - bass
  • Ryan Farris - guitar
  • Rudy Nielson - vocals
  • Jason Martin - drums

Former MembersEdit

  • Joe Sidoti - drums
  • Joey Marchiano - drums (2000–2001)


Studio AlbumsEdit

Interwiki linksEdit

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