And Then There Were None
Formed 2003
Origin Salem, New Hampshire
Label(s) Tooth & Nail Records (2008-Present)
Albums 3
Singles 1
Genre(s) Electronica
Pop rock
Metalcore (early)
Years active 2003-Present

And Then There Were None is a Christian electronica band from Salem, New Hampshire.


And Then There Were None (aka ATTWN) formed in 2003 as a metalcore band, and did tours across the United States. After releasing two independent records, the group went through a lineup change in 2006, and began to incorporate more electronica elements with the new members. By the time they signed to Tooth & Nail Records in 2008, all elements of metalcore had been dropped from the band's sound. ATTWN released the full-length album Who Speaks for Planet Earth? in February 2009. The album was highly sucessful, reaching #16 on the Billboard Christian Albums chart and #14 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.





Studio AlbumsEdit



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