As many immigrants of many races and nationalities came to America in the 1600's, much of the music that they brought with them is considered to be the "roots" of bluegrass music --including dance music and ballads from Ireland, Scotland and England, as well as African American gospel music and blues. (In fact, slaves from Africa brought the design idea for the banjo--an instrument now integral to the bluegrass sound.) Bluegrass was and still is a "main genre" in the mountains and hills of Tennessee,Kentucky, the Virginias, and the Carolinas, and not to mention many southern states. Bill Monroe, a Kentucky native, is commonly heard as the Father of Bluegrass, which in a sense is true because he is the man who formed the first bluegrass band in the U.S. that brought bluegrass into a whole new light in the early 1900's. Since that time, bluegrass has spread and many groups have formed and are still very common. In the early `900's the phonograph had just recently been invented, which brought this genre out of just the south-eastern states... it brought it to people all over the United States. The main instruments in a common bluegrass band consist of the Banjo, Fiddle (violin), Mandolin, Dobro, Acoustic Guitar, and the Upright Bass. An authentic bluegrass band. that plays the original styles will include no electric instruments whatsoever.

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