Hell Is for Wimps
Hell is for wimps
Released July 31, 1990
Recorded Ardent Studios
Length 61:18
Label Star Song Communications
Genre Christian pop, Pop rock
Produced by Michael Gleason
Last album Read All About It
Next album Boys Will Be Boyz
Alternate covers

Hell Is for Wimps is Newsboys' second major-label studio album. It was released in 1990.

Track ListEdit

  1. "Stand Up for Jesus"
  2. "In the End"
  3. "Simple Man"
  4. "All I Can See"
  5. "Ten Thousand Miles"
  6. "Something's Missing"
  7. "Get Up for Love"
  8. "Sea of Love"
  9. "Love You Tomorrow"
  10. "Victory"

Radio SinglesEdit

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