Hope 103.2
Hope 103.2, Sydney
Name Hope 103.2
Area Sydney
Slogan Passion For Life - More To The Music - Sharing The Love
Airdate March 5 1979
Frequency 103.2 MHz FM
Format Christian radio
Owner Christian Broadcasting Association
Website Hope 103.2

Hope 103.2 is a Christian radio station in Sydney, Australia, transmitting on the FM dial at 103.2 MHz. Founded by the Rev. Vernon Turner, it commenced broadcasting on March 5, 1979 and cemented itself as Australia's first Christian FM radio station.

The station provides a mix of contemporary Christian and mainstream music. Its programming also includes Bible readings, morning devotionals, short Christian spots, as well as audio-streaming of church services each Sunday from St. Thomas' North Sydney and St. John's in Parramatta.

Hope 103.2 relocated from Five Dock to its current studios in Seven Hills (the former home of WSFM and Mix 106.5) and was renamed FM103.2 in 2002, with the tag-line The Heart of Sydney. The station was re-named Heart 103.2 in December 2007, but this was challenged legally by Macquarie Southern Cross Media who were using the name Heart. It was decided to rename the station as Sydney's 1032 for 2008.

On Monday, December 15, 2008 the station was renamed on Midnight (12 am) on the December 15 2008 as Hope 1032. Listeners offered their suggestions for a new name for the station and Hope was judged the best and most popular.

Overall sound and imageEdit

The radio station broadcasts a program described as "Christian-infused mainstream light contemporary radio". The program format is designed to "reach out" to non-committed Christians, rather than preach to the converted.

This is achieved with "family friendly" and accessible music with a positive statement, whether performed by Christian or non-Christian artists and regardless of whether or not the music is intentially carrying a Christian message.

The programming structure is similar in many respects to that of Hope 103.2's rival MIX 106.5.

Hope 103.2 and other Christian radioEdit

Hope 103.2 is one of Australia's longest established FM radio services, and the longest established full time Christian radio service.

Hope 103.2 is, however, not the only Christian broadcaster. There have been attempts by a national Christian broadcaster Vision Radio Network to gain a foothold in Sydney. This was attempted with limited success in 2007 with a twelve month operation on the upper AM band frequency 1701 kHz. Vision Radio Network had later discontinued its Sydney based broadcasts.

Nine NewsEdit

On July 7 2008, Hope 103.2 announced that it will commence broadcasting simulcasts of Nine News (via TCN Channel Nine Sydney) as its' news sponsor for the station, airing weeknights (Monday-Friday) at 6pm.

Album PlaylistEdit

Hope 103.2 plays all ballad hits from Leona Lewis, Colbie Caillat, Michael Buble, Savage Garden, Mika, Natalie Gauci, Celine Dion, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Guy Sebastian, Coldplay, Delta Goodrem & Ricki Lee.

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