This page contains a policy that is effective on this wiki. All policies are to be followed. Changes to the policy should be discussed on the policy's talk page, and then, if necessary, a CH forum. Thanks and God bless!

This is a set of rules that users of this wiki must follow. Remember, we represent Christ, so this is very important. If you happen to break a rule, there will be a warning issued first, but if the problem continues, it will result in a block. Accidents can happen, and if they do, please contact an administrator. Remember, an administrator has the right to skip a warning if need be.

  1. There will be no cursing. A warning will be issued first, but if the problem continues, you will receive a one day block, then two day, and so on.
  2. There will be no gossip or rumors. We will only speak positively of others. Doing so once will result in a warning, but if it continues, you will receive a one day block, then two day block, and so on.
  3. There will be no inappropriate images on this site, not even on user pages. No warning will be issued for this offense. Uploading inappropriate images will result in an indefinite ban.
  4. Please respect the beliefs of all Christian denominations. Attacking another person's beliefs will result in a one day block. Discussion on doctrine is encouraged on USER talk pages only, but it must remain civil and respectful. For a list of what is considered Christian on this wiki, see the Statement of Faith.

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