This page contains a policy that is effective on this wiki. All policies are to be followed. Changes to the policy should be discussed on the policy's talk page, and then, if necessary, a CH forum. Thanks and God bless!

This policy helps determine what artists this site endorses. If an artists claims to be Christian, but their actions constantly show otherwise (using language in their lyrics, drinking, doing drugs, being openly homosexual, etc.), they are not endorsed by this site. To designate a non-endorsed artist, a template will be placed at the top of the artist article and all the articles on their albums and songs. Only articles on albums, songs, events, etc. before the event listed as the reason for not endorsing may get articles. Only admins may place this template. If a non-admin places this template, they will be blocked for three days. We do not believe that these artists are not Christian, only that their actions may hinder the spread of the Gospel, which is our utmost priority here. Thank you and God bless.

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