Michael DeWayne Tait (born May 18, 1966) is a Contemporary Christian Music artist who is the current lead singer of Newsboys, and one third of Christian rock group dc Talk (though the group has been on hiatus since 2001). Tait also has had success in his solo career, founding a band called Tait in 1997. He toured as a solo act until 2007. He became lead singer of the Christian pop rock band Newsboys in 2009, and though Peter Furler remained the lead singer on the band's most recent album In the Hands of God, Tait provided supporting vocals on the project.

Music videosEdit

With dc TalkEdit

  • Heavenbound (1989)
  • I Luv Rap Music (1990)
  • Nu Thang (1990)
  • Walls (1991)
  • The Hardway (1992)
  • Jesus Is Just Alright (1992)
  • Luv Is a Verb (1992)
  • Colored People (1995)
  • Day by Day (1995)
  • Between You and Me (1995)
  • Jesus Freak (1995)
  • My Friend, So Long (1998)
  • Consume Me (1998)

Video guest appearances Edit

With Tait Edit

  • Empty (2001)
  • Lose This Life (2003)

With Newsboys Edit

  • Born Again (2010)

Other projectsEdit

Tait has also starred as Hero in "!Hero." He also contributed to various books, including the popular Jesus Freaks and Jesus Freaks II books. He recently contributed to the books Under God and Living Under God] with dc Talk bandmate TobyMac. In March 2009, Michael Tait became the third vocalist to lead the Newsboys (after original members John James and Peter Furler).

Guest appearancesEdit

Singles with NewsboysEdit

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