Formed 2005
Origin Charlotte, North Carolina
Label(s) Forefront Records (currently independent)
Albums 5
Singles 5
Genre(s) Christian rock, Pop Punk
Years active 2005 - 2012

Philmont is a Christian rock band from Charlotte, North Carolina.July 13, 2012, the band announced they were breaking up.There last concert will be August 31, 2012.Lead vocalist Scott Taube said that him,his wife, and Josh would be writing on a new project.

Discography Edit

Current MembersEdit

Scott Taube - vocals (2005-present) rythem guitar (2005-2009)

Josiah Prince - guitar,piano,backround vocals (2005-present)

Josh Guion - rythem guitar (2011-present) bass (2009-2011)

Former MembersEdit

Jeremi Hough - drums (2010-2011)

Abe Hege - drums (2007) bass (2006)

Daniel ??? touring drums - (2005-2006)

Charlee Bombay - bass (2006-2007)

Ethan Ricks - bass (2006)

Matthew Arcaini - bass (2005)

Justin Sams - rythem guitar,backround vocals (2009-2011) bass (2007-2008)

Todd Davis - drums (2007-2010)

Studio AlbumsEdit




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