Formed 2004
Origin Nashville, Tennessee
Disbanded N/A
Label(s) Essential Records, Sony Music
Albums 4
Singles 10
Genre(s) Christian rock, Alternative rock, Nu metal, Alternative metal
Years active 2004 - present

RED is a Christian rock band from Nashville, Tennessee.

Cuurent MembersEdit

Michael Barnes - vocals, (2004-present) piano (2004-2009)

Anthony Armstrong - guitar,backround vocals (2009-present) rythem guitar (2004-2009)

Randy Armstrong - bass,backround vocals, piano (2006-present)

Joe Rickard - drums (2008-present)

Former MembersEdit

Jasen Rauch - guitar (2004-2010)

Hayden Lamb - drums (2006-2008)

Andrew Hendrix - drums,rythem guitar (2004-2006)

Discography Edit

Studio AlbumsEdit


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