Rebecca St. James
Rebecca St. James
Released January 24, 1994
Length 37:31
Label ForeFront Records
Genre CCM, Pop rock
Produced by Bill Deaton
Last album Refresh My Heart
Next album Extended Play Remixes
Alternate covers

Rebecca St. James is Rebecca St. James's first major-label studio album. It was released in 1994. It charted at #33 on Billboard's Top Christian Albums.

Track ListEdit

  1. "Here I Am"
  2. "Everything I Do"
  3. "Little Bit of Love"
  4. "Side By Side"
  5. "True Love"
  6. "Way Up Here"
  7. "Above All Things"
  8. "I Thank You Lord"
  9. "We Don't Need It"
  10. "Jesus Loves the Little Children"

Radio SinglesEdit

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