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Right Now
This Beautiful Republic
Album Even Heroes Need a Parachute

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You want a change, it's written on your face
You feel alone, a little out of place

You hide away the scars and the mistakes
You've been tired, uninspired, something's going to give

Right now
He knows who you are
The light and the dark
He picks up your broken heart
Right now
He's telling the truth
That you will make it through
His love can rescue you
Right now
Right now

We've all been there, we're walking down the same road
So don't be scared, you're not out there on your own
Just take a breath and shut out the madness
Letting go is beautiful
There's so much more
Just waiting there for you

This is your life
The giving and the taking
A journey in the making
This is your life
The fighting and the kneeling
The hurting and the healing
Don't throw it all away...

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