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Released September 11, 2001
Recorded March — May 2001 at Bay 7 in Valley Village, California and Sparky Dark, Calabasas, California
Length 53:04
Label Atlantic Records
Genre Alternative metal, Nu metal, Reggae
Produced by Howard Benson/P.O.D.
Last album The Fundamental Elements of Southtown
Next album Payable on Death
Alternate covers

Satellite is P.O.D.'s fourth major-label studio album. It was released in 2001. It charted at #6 on the Billboard 200, and #1 on Billboard's Top Christian Albums.

Track ListEdit

  1. "Set It Off" – 4:16
  2. "Alive" – 3:23
  3. "Boom" – 3:08
  4. "Youth of the Nation" – 4:19
  5. "Celestial" – 1:24
  6. "Satellite" – 3:30
  7. "Ridiculous" – 4:17 (featuring Eek-a-Mouse)
  8. "The Messenjah" – 4:19
  9. "Guitarras de Amor" – 1:14
  10. "Anything Right" – 4:17 (featuring Christian Lindskog from Blindside)
  11. "Ghetto" - 3:37
  12. "Masterpiece Conspiracy" – 3:11
  13. "Without Jah, Nothin'" – 3:42 (featuring H.R. from Bad Brains)
  14. "Thinking About Forever" – 3:46
  15. "Portrait" – 4:32
  16. "Whatever It Takes" (originally featured in the movie Any Given Sunday; European release bonus track)
  17. "Rock the Party (RTP remix)" (bonus track included on Japanese releases)
  18. "Alive (semi-acoustic remix)" (Re-release bonus track)
  19. "Youth of the Nation (Conjure One remix)" (Re-release bonus track)
  20. "Boom (The Crystal Method remix)" (Re-release bonus track)

Radio SinglesEdit

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