Saturday Rock Action
Saturday rock action
Hawk Nelson
Released 2003
Length 23:00
Label Independent
Genre Christian rock
Produced by Hawk Nelson, Jeff Wardell
Last album Riding Around the Park
Next album Letters to the President
Alternate covers

Saturday Rock Action is Hawk Nelson's first and only independent EP. It was released in 2003.

Track ListEdit

  1. "The Grand Introduction"
  2. "Overwhelmed"
  3. "Eighty-Six That [Anthem]"
  4. "As I Was"
  5. "Jason's Song"
  6. "Sheridan"
  7. "Return to Me"
  8. "Sheridan (acoustic)


Jason Dunn - vocals, piano

Davin Clark - guitar, backround vocals

Matt Paige - drums

Daniel Biro - bass, backround vocals

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