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Album Tonight
Released January 19, 2010
Label ForeFront Records
Genre Christian rock
Written by Toby McKeehan
Produced by Toby McKeehan
Last single "Lose My Soul" (2009)
Next single "Get Back Up" (2010)

ShowStopper is a song by Christian musician tobyMac from his album, Tonight. It was released on January 19, 2010.



Yeah, this is the day we came to get down

We came to claim the game in your town

You came to ride the highs of this junk

Baby, we came to guarantee the big krunk

So if you or your people ever wanna doubt this

Show stopping, body rockin’ tell ‘em all about this

Crew from the village of the diverse citizens

One stop, one shot livin’ like a kid again

So turn up the lights, they’ve been waiting all night for the

The show stopper

The jaw dropper

The big poppa

We gonna’ get it (what, what)

We gonna’ get it good

Hope just broke right through the door

So why you gotta ask what I came here for

Man, we ‘bout to light the night with that flare

Shot from the gun in the hand OF DESPAIR

With a kick so hard that you gotta be strong

It’s so hot, you can barely hold on

So rock me, drop me, but you will never stop me

From taking this show to a full on monopoly

So turn off the lights, pass me the mic

Bring on the lights, they’ve been waiting all night for the

It’s automatic

Don’t want no static

I’m a fanatic, Jesus fanatic

It’s automatic, don’t want no static

He’s a fanatic, Jesus fanatic

Don’t want no static

It’s automatic



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