The Bird and the Bee Sides
The bird and the bee sides
Relient K
Released July 1, 2008
Length 71:09
Label Gotee Records
Genre Christian rock, Pop punk, Alternative rock
Produced by Mark Lee Townsend
Last album Let it Snow, Baby...Let it Reindeer
Next album Forget and Not Slow Down
Alternate covers
The nashville tennis ep

The Bird and the Bee Sides (and The Nashville Tennis EP) is Relient K's seventh major-label EP, and first double EP. It was released in 2008.

Track ListEdit

The Nashville Tennis EPEdit

  1. "Where Do I Go From Here"
  2. "The Scene and Herd"
  3. "At Least We Made It This Far"
  4. "The Last, the Lost, the Least"
  5. "The Lining Is Silver"
  6. "There Was No Thief"
  7. "No Reaction"
  8. "Curl Up and Die"
  9. "You'll Always Be My Best Friend"
  10. "There Was Another Time In My Life"
  11. "Beaming"
  12. "I Just Want You to Know"
  13. "Bee Your Man"

The Bird And The Bee SidesEdit

  1. "Up and Up" (Acoustic)
  2. "Wits All Been Done Before"
  3. "The Vinyl Countdown"
  4. "For the Band"
  5. "Nothing Without You"
  6. "A Penny Loafer Saved Is a Penny Loafer Earned"
  7. "Five Iron Frenzy Is Either Dead or Dying" (Ska Version)
  8. "Five Iron Frenzy Is Either Dead or Dying" (Acoustic Version)
  9. "Who I Am Hates Who I've Been" (Acoustic)
  10. "Here I Go" (Demo)
  11. "The Stenographer" (Demo)
  12. "Jefferson Aeroplane" (Demo)
  13. "Hope for Every Fallen Man" (Acoustic)

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