The Ultimate Collection
RSJ The Ultimate Collection
Rebecca St. James
Released March 11, 2008
Label ForeFront Records
Genre CCM, Pop rock
Last album Holiday Trio
Next album Greatest Hits
Alternate covers

The Ultimate Collection is Rebecca St. James's fourth major-label compilation album. It was released in 2008.

Track ListEdit

Disc 1Edit

  1. "God Help Me"
  2. "Reborn"
  3. "God"
  4. "Lion"
  5. "Yes, I Believe in God"
  6. "Go and Sin No More"
  7. "I Thank You"
  8. "Better Is One Day"
  9. "Wait For Me"
  10. "Hark! the Herald Angels Sing"
  11. "A Cradle Prayer"
  12. "God of Wonders"
  13. "Abba (Father)"

Disc 2Edit

  1. "You Are Loved"
  2. "Alive"
  3. "Psalm 139"
  4. "Here I Am"
  5. "Blessed Be Your Name"
  6. "Breathe"
  7. "Mirror"
  8. "Pray"
  9. "America"
  10. "Expressions of Your Love"
  11. "Song of Love"
  12. "Here I Am to Worship"

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