To Know That You're Alive
Album To Know That You're Alive
Released 2009
Length 3:15
Label BEC Recordings
Genre Christian rock, Hard rock, Alternative metal
Written by Nick De Partee, Jeffrey Gilbert, Pete Kipley, Dave Luetkenhoelter, James Mead, Jon Micah Sumrall
Last single "Complete"
Next single "I Do Not Belong"
Last song "Sleeping City"
Next song "The Disease & the Cure"
03 To Know That You're Alive

To Know That You're Alive is a song by Kutless. It was released as the third single for their album To Know That You're Alive.



The black of night is closing in around you

The crippling fear moves in

As they strap you down

Will you let a moment get the best of you

Or will this situation bring you around

When the blood stains dry

Will it bring you around

Will it pass you by

Right now you’re bruised and bleeding

And I see the hurt within your eyes

I know your pain is for a reason

You need to feel just to know that You’re alive

Sometimes you hurt a little

The days have turned to weeks but it’s not over

The bandages rewind you to where you’ve been

These memories will remind you

When life takes you out will it bring you around

When it’s said and done

Will it bring you around

What will you become


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